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Ways to View WeChat Recall Messages on iPhone

“My WeChat pop up a message, when i open it and couldn’t find the messages any more. And my friends tell me that it’s WeChat recall messages, is there any ways to view WeChat recall messages on iPhone?”

WeChat support us to recall messages now, so we can send WeChat recall messages as well as receive them. What can we do when we receive some WeChat recall messages? When we think someone send the wrong messages and they recall it, them we can ignore it. What if your dearest friends send you some WeChat recall messages? What does she/he want to say?

Now in this article, we’ll show you some method about how to view WeChat recall messages on iPhone, read it and learn something.

View WeChat Recall Messages from iPhone Notification

When we enabled our iPhone notification, our iPhone will prompt some notification messages about new messages or updates our iPhone App get.

So when we receive some WeChat messages, we can check it through iPhone notification, in case they are WeChat recall messa…

Recover Lost WhatsApp Messages on iPhone

“This morning, i want to reconfirm something with my friends on WhatsApp, then i find some of my WhatsApp messages are lost. How to recover WhatsApp messages on iPhone?”

WhatsApp is one of the most popular chat Apps, and it can be used on different device. And most of us are using it on our iPhone, it’s more convenient for us to bring an iPhone when we’re outside. But the problem is that we may lost those WhatsApp messages on iPhone with many different reasons, like iPhone broken, water damaged, screen crashed ect. When we have already lost some of them , the first thing we need to do is learning how to recover lost WhatsApp messages on iPhone.

Now follow below steps and learn how to do it.

Recover Lost WhatsApp Messages by Re-install WhatsApp

If you have done backup in WhatsApp iCloud, you can uninstall your WhatsApp on your iPhone, then re-install it.

When finish re-installing it, it will prompt a messages asking us if we need to restore WhatsApp messages, tap on yes, and it’ll begin…