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Reset Forgotten Password for iOS Device

“I forgot my iPhone password, not i couldn’t unlock it. How could i reset forgotten password for iOS device?”

It’s really bad experience when we fotget our iPhone password, because we won’t unlock our iPhone and couldn’t use it. Then the ways of reset forgotten password for iOS device is coming out, and in this page, we’ll show you some tips about how to reset forgotten password for iOS device.

Reset Apple ID password open the browser on your PC, and navigated to

2.then you can input your Apple ID and enter the characters from the security image, and continue with the instruction. enter your phone number which is connected with your Apple ID, and continue with it.

4.then it will shows two options about how you will reset your password. That is “Reset from another device” and “Use trusted phone number”.

When you choose “Reset from another device”, you’ll need to access another device that is logged with your Apple ID, such as other iPhone, iPad or …

Backup Group Messages on iPhone

“It’s our manager’s instant idea that talk about some suggestions about promoting products, so we communicate it with group messages as we usually do. Actually there are many good suggestions, so i want to backup those group messages on iPhone.”

“I’m not using group messages much, but my friends like group messages, so there are also group messages on my iPhone. Now i want to backup them, but how to backup group messages on iPhone?”

If you’re thinking about using iTunes or iCloud to help you backup your group messages, you can follow method one; if you’re thinking about backup your group messages selectively on iPhone, you can follow method two.

Now see below methods.

Backup Group Messages on iPhone with iTunes and iCloud

As we know we can backup our iPhone data on iTunes and iCloud, so we could backup group messages on them also. But it just doesn’t support us to backup them selectively, so we’ll backup all our messages as well as other iPhone data.

For iTunes:

Launching your iTunes, …

Sync Notes from iCloud Backup Directly and Selectively

“I bought a new iPhone last week, now i want to sync notes from my iCloud backup directly and selectively to this new iPhone, how could i do it?”

When we’re using iCloud with same Apple ID and password, we can restore our iCloud backup files to other iOS device. But how could we restore them selectively to other iOS device? Then we’ll need the help of third-party iOS data recovery software.

From this article, we’ll introduce you iRefone, which can not only help us sync notes from iCloud backup directly and selectively, but also can help us sync backups files from iTunes. And it can help us recover more than 16 kinds of files, including contacts,notes, messages, photos, reminders, WeChat messages ect.

Now you can download and install the free trial version to have a try.

Sync Notes from iCloud Backup Selectively

Step 1. Run iRefone, choose “Recover from iCloud Backup”, log in it with your Apple ID and password.

Step 2. when log in, all your backup files on iCloud will show up, click “Do…

Connect CarPlay to iPhone

“I’d like to listen music from my iPhone when I’m driving, so i want to connect CarPlay to my iPhone. But how to do it?”

CarPlay is a safe way for us to use iPhone in our car, and it can help us do lots of things we need to do on our iPhone while driving, like make phone calls, receive messages, listem music ect. It can works with our car’s controls,like buttons, touchpad, touch screen ect. As it’s so conveninet, do you want to connect your CarPlay to iPhone?

Now follow below steps and connect your iPhone with CarPlay.

Set Up CarPlay on iPhone with USB Cable

We can set up CarPlay on iPhone with USB cable or Bluetooth or enable Siri, see below steps.

1.firstly, we’ll need to confirm that your car supports CarPlay, then turn on our Car.

2.then open our iPhone, go to Setting--General--CarPlay, then it will show up two options to set up CarPlay. That is with USB or with Bluetooth.

3.choose USB cable option, and connect your iPhone with to USB port, and the CarPlay set up will begin, and se…

How to Track Sleep with an iPhone

“Every morning I feel so sleepy when i get up, maybe my sleep isn’t good. So i want to track my sleep to make some analysis. And some of my friends say that we can track sleep with an iPhone, but how to track sleep with an iPhone?”

Sounds new that we can track our sleep with our iPhone, as sleep is so important and taking one third of our day, so we all want to have some good sleep. But things are not always going well, many people is wakeful. From those condition, tracking our sleep with an iPhone is becoming necessary. And from this page, we’ll learn how to do it.

Track Sleep with iPhone

Actually iPhone couldn’t help us track our sleep, but some third-party apps can help us with it.

So we will need to download and install some apps, like Sleep Circle, To Bed, Beddit, and some other apps which needs pay, like Sleep Time + and Sleep Genius.

You can download one of them and have a try, it can help us show the details about how long we laid awake in bed, and how restful our sleep are.


How to Recover Lost iPhone Contacts via WhatsApp

Have you ever heard that we could recover our lost iPhone contacts via WhatsApp?

As WhatsApp ID are registered with our phone number, so we can see WhatsApp ID contains our phone number. So when we lost our iPhone contacts, we can check them from our WhatsApp contacts. But now all our contacts are using WhatsApp, so we couldn’t find all of them. What to do? How to recover our lost iPhone contacts now?

Even you didn’t do any backup, we still have a way can help you recover lost iPhone contacts. But we’ll need the help of third-party iOS data recovery software iRefone.

iRefone is a professional iOS data recovery software, it can recover as well as backup more than 16 kinds of files, including contacts, notes, messages, photos, WhatsApp messages ect. Also it can help us recover them with three recovery mode, that is Recover from iOS Device, Recover from iTunes Backup and Recover from iCloud Backup.

And it can be compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod. Now you can download and install the…

Fix iCloud Backup Failed Issue

What to do when your iCloud backup failed? Which solution will come up to your mind firstly? How to fix your iCloud backup failed issue?

Now in this article, we will show you some solutions about how to fix iCloud backup failed issue. Don’t walk away.

When iCloud backup failed, it can be caused with our Wifi connection issue or iCloud storage is full. So first we can check if it’s those problem. See below steps.

Check Network Connection

Maybe there is some problem with your network connection, so disconnect your network, then reconnect it and try again.

Go to Setting--Network, turn it off.

Wait a few minutes, turn it on and search for your network and input it with your password. And try iCloud backup again.

iCloud Storage

When our iCloud storage is full, it also won’t allow us to backup iPhone data on it.

So when it shows our iCloud storage is full, you can buy more storage, or you can choose other ways to backup your iPhone data. Like iTunes or third-party iOS data recovery and backu…

Ways to Recover Text Messages on iPhone

Still we’ll take about the ways to recover text messages on iPhone, don’t be surprised.

Every time when people inquiry about how to recover text messages on iPhone, we’ll show them the methods according to their condition. But when they come across other condition, they may don’t know the solutions either. So in this article, we’ll show you all the ways to recover text messages on iPhone.

Follow below steps and learn more about it.

Recover Text Messages from Backups

Some of us have the habit of backup our iPhone data on iTunes or iCloud, in case we lost some iPhone data in future. Now if you have some backups on iTunes and iCloud, see below steps and recover your text messages from them.

For iTunes:

1.Now launching your iTunes, connect your iPhone with PC.

2.Click iPhone image icon, go to Files--Summary, then you can see all your backup files on left side bar.

3.Choose the files you need, tap on “Restore Backup” on the right page, and confirm with “Restore”.

For iCloud:

1.Now connect y…

Retrieve Favorite Contacts on iPhone 7

“In order to quickly find my family and friends, i learned to add them to my favorite contacts. Now i couldn’t find them, maybe i have tap on the wrong button and delete them. How to retrieve those favorite contacts on my iPhone 7?”

It’s really a open society, everyone are trying to know more people and make more friends, so there will be more and more contacts on their iPhone. Then it’s not easy to remember every phone number, and we seldom contacts most of them. So in order to quickly find some contacts that are very important to us, we’ll add them to our favorite contacts folder. But the bad thing is that we may still lose them with many reasons. So knowing how to retrieve favorite contacts on iPhone 7 is quite important.

Now we’ll see how to retrieve your favorite contacts on iPhone 7, read it and learn more.

Retrieve Favorite Contacts from iTunes Backup

Usually we’ll do backup on iTunes to keep our iPhone data safe, now if you have done some backups on iTunes, follow below steps a…

Phone number on iMessages, how to remove them?

“Maybe you have encounter the same issue as i do that i removed some useless iMessages, the messages are gone, but the phone number are still exist on my message page. I’m using an iPhone 7 with iOS 10.3. What should i do? How to remove phone number on iMessages?”

“After trying several ways about how to remove phone number on iMessages, we still couldn’t do it successfully, i don’t like this feeling. But i will not give up, so i searched many websites and find some sufficient ways. Now i will show them to you about how to remove iMessage phone number.”

When you need, please follow below steps and have a try.

Delete iMessages By Swiping it

When we’re using iPhone 7 and delete those messages by taping on it and hold on, then the phone number will still show up on our message page.

But if we delete the messages by swiping it left, then tap on “Delete” option, the message as well as its phone number will be deleted together.

So we’ll don’t need to remove phone number on iMessages at all.


How to Recover Lost Notes on iPhone?

“My boyfriend’s birthday is coming next week, and i have prepared all things about it and take detailed information on notes. Now i want to recheck it and see if there is something need to be revised, but i couldn’t find my notes. How to recover lost notes on iPhone?”

When taking notes, we just need to open Notes App on iPhone, tap on “+” icon on top right corner to add new notes, also it allows us to add notes attachments, like photos, files ect. It really helps us a lot to make our busy day in order, and it allows us to save or send it to our email, so when we lost them, we can find them from our email.

Sounds so great. But some people may say that i didn’t save or send them to my email, what can i do? How could i recover my lost notes on iPhone?

One size fits all, we’re going to introduce you a third-party iOS data recovery software iRefone, which can help us recover your lost notes no matter you have done backup or not. It can help us recover more than 16 kinds of files with thr…