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Comparison between My Photo Stream and iCloud Photo Library

What is My Photo Stream and iCloud Photo Library?

Well, My Photo Stream can help us upload new photos to our iCloud automatically and send them to other iOS devices when they’re connected with Wifi; while iCloud Photo Library help us upload and store whole library in iCloud, and allows us to access photos and videos from all devices.

Both of them can help us get photos from our iOS devices, but they are not same thing. What’s the comparison between My Photo Stream and iCloud Photo Library?

Enable My Photo Stream and iCloud Photo Library

Firstly we’ll see how to enable them, then we can use it and see the difference between them.

For iCloud Photo Library:

1.Open your iPhone, go to Setting--iCloud--Photos, then find and turn on “iCloud Photo Library.

2. Or you can go to Setting--Photo&Camera, then turn on “iCloud Photo Library”.

For My Photo Stream:

1.Go to Setting--iCloud--Photo, find and turn on “My Photo Stream”.

2.Or you can go to Setting--Photo&Camera, and turn on “My Photo…

How to Store Music on iCloud

Want to turn on iCloud music library? Now you can check this article and learn how to store music on iCloud.

Why we need to turn on iCloud music library? The reason is when we have more than one iOS devices, like iPhone, iPad and iPod, and we want to access the whole music from those devices, then iCloud music library will be so important, esperically when you’re a music lover. And now we’ll learn how to store your music on iCloud.

Turn on iCloud Music Library on iPhone iPad

When we want to use it, firstly we’ll need to turn on our iCloud music library, see below steps. Before doing it, you’ll need to make sure you have sign in all your device with Apple ID and password. your iPhone iPad, go to Setting--Music.

2.find “iCloud Music Library”, and turn it on.

Remark: if you have saved some music on your device, it will ask you if you want to keep those music.

If you don’t want to keep them, you can tap on “Delete&Replace”, then the music will be replace with the ones from you…

Turn Off Siri on iPhone

Apple’s great assistant Siri really helps us a lot in our daily life, but some people just don’t want to use it any more, how could they turn off Siri on iPhone?

The full name for Siri is Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface, and it’s firstly built in Apple device, like iPhone and iPad. And it’s always on to help us with the weather checking, make phone call, take pictures ect. But sometimes when we don’t need it, it will pop up and it’s so annoying, how could we turn off Siri on iPhone?

Now we’ll see how to do it, follow below methods.

Disable Siri

Now we’ll see how to turn off Siri on your iPhone, check it. your iPhone, and go to Setting.

2.then go to General and find Siri option, and turn it off.

Please notes, when you turn off Siri, it will enable voice control.

Disable Hey Siri

Also we can disable hey Siri, and as we know it allows us to use Siri when we want to use it and just say “Hey Siri”.

1.Now go to Setting--General--Siri.

2.Then find “Allow Siri” option, an…

Transfer Data from Locked iPad to PC

“My iPad Touch ID sensor is broken, and i couldn’t unlock my iPad now. But i need to keep my iPad data safe, how could i transfer data from locked iPad to PC?”

Imaging how many ways we may lock our iPad? When you input wrong password, or your fingerprint doesn’t work, or your iPad is disabled ect. Usually the issue isn’t how we unlock our iPad, but how to transfer our iPad data to PC, so from this page, we’ll aim at showing you how to transfer data from locked iPad to PC.

Transfer Data from Locked iPad to PC with iTunes

Firstly of all, we’ll show you how to transfer iPad data to PC with iTunes, as iTunes backup files are stored on PC, so we can backup them on iTunes. See below steps.

1.Launching your iTunes on PC, connect your locked iPad on PC.

2.When it’s recognized, go to Files--Summary, and tap on “Backup Now” on the right page. And confirm with “Backup”.

When finish backup, you can find those backup files from below folder address:

For Windows: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\A…

Ways to Short Videos on iPhone

“I’d like to record our daily life with videos, but some of those video are too long and mass up, so i want to short those videos and share them with my friends. So anyone can show me some ways to short videos on iPhone?”

As we know iPhone is not only a great tool for recording videos, but also it has built-in video editing app, which can help us trim and edit our videos. Now from this article, we’ll talk about it and show you how to short videos on iPhone. Read it and learn more.

Clip Videos on iPhone

Now let’s see how to use iPhone built-in feature to help us short our videos on iPhone, see below steps. your Photo app on iPhone and find the videos you need to edit. tap on the video, and find “Edit” option on the right top corner.

3.Then drag the handle to bottom to select the part of video, before selecting it, you can play the video and view which part you’ll need to cut.

4.when finish cutting your video, click “Done”, and it will be ok.

Edit Videos on iPhone with Apps


Touch ID Fingerprint not Working on iPad

Like iPhone, we can also set Touch ID fingerprint to unlock our iPad, but what if your Touch ID fingerprint not working on iPad?

Touch ID fingerprint is Apple’s fingerprint sensor to help us unlock apps, and secure our Apple device with the finger you have set, including iPhone and iPad. And now from this article, we’ll show you how to fix your Touch ID fingerprint now working on iPad issue.

Check Details of Touch ID and Your Finger

When there is some dirt on your Touch ID sensor or your finger, or your finger is wet, we may couldn’t unlock it.

Now you can clean your finger and Touch ID sensor, and try again.

Use Other Touch ID Fingerprint and Password

If you have set your iPad Touch ID fingerprint with more than one finger, you can try to use other finger to have a try, also you can input the password you have set, if you could remember it.

And you can do it by just placing your other finger on Touch ID sensor that you have set.

Update Your iOS

If this issue always happen, you can upda…