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Backup old Reminder on iPhone X

“When i have my iPhone X, i also transferred my old reminders to it, now i want keep them safe, how could i backup old reminder on iPhone X?”

As new design of iPhone, iPhone X has attracted the eye of all iPhone user and Apple fan, now many people have ordered it and use it. But just like other iPhone, we will also lost our data on it, so backup them on iPhone is still necessary. Now we’ll show you some methods about how to backup old reminder on iPhone X.

Backup Reminders on iTunes

Now when you have no other ideas about backup your iPhone data, you can backup them on your iTunes.

1.Launching your iTunes, and make sure it’s with latest version.

2.Connect your iPhone X with PC, when it’s recognized, go to Files--Summary.

3.Then tap on “Backup Now” on the right page, and confirm with “Backup”.

Backup Reminders on iCloud

Also we can backup our old reminders on iCloud, but we will need to make sure the storage of our iCloud is enough.

1.Connect your iPhone X with Wifi, go to Setting--iClou…

Listen to a Pass Incoming Call on iPhone

“I received a phone call last week, and I was so sleep and didn’t listen to it clearly, now i realise it’s very important. How could i listen to a pass incloding call on iPhone?”

As we know we couldn’t listen to a pass incoming call on iPhone as well as other phones, unless we have record them. Then it means if you have record your pass imcoming calls, you can listen to them again when you need, otherwise we couldn’t do it.

Here are some other tips about recording imcoming calls, when you need, you can have a check.

Record Incoming Calls

In order to protect the privacy of the caller, most phones don’t have the phone call recorder, so if you need to record your incoming calls, you’ll need to install some third-party ones, like “Call recorder-intcall”.

Please note that recording incoming calls is illegal in many countries, so you should let the caller know the fact that you’ll record this call.

Tips: when you lost some of your contacts or call history or other iPhone data occasionally, …

Transfer WeChat Photos from iPhone to Mac

How do you save your WeChat photos when you receive some important and beloved ones? Backup them on iTunes and iCloud or transfer those WeChat photos to Mac? Now you can make your decision.

If you’re also considering about transferring your WeChat photos from iPhone to Mac, now follow this page and learn the detailed steps about how to do it.

Transfer WeChat Photos with iTunes

As iTunes backup files are stored on our PC, so we can use iTunes to help us transfer WeChat photos as well as other iPhone data.

1.Launching your iTunes, connect your iPhone with Mac.

2.When it’s recognized, go to Device--Summary, tap on “Backup Now” on the right page, and confirm with “Backup”.

Transfer WeChat Photos with USB Cable

When you only have several or tens of WeChat photos, you can save those WeChat photos to your photo album, then copy them to your Mac.

1.Now open your WeChat, go to the chat page.

2.Open the chat log that has WeChat photos you need to transfer.

3.Tap on it and hold on, then it will sh…

Something you should know about Apple foldable iPhone

Suddenly it seems many people are talking about Apple foldable iPhone, do you have any idea that is there something you should know about Apple foldable iPhone?

Apple foldable iPhone will use LG foldable OLED display, and LG is working hard to increase its durability and yeild rate, but it’s still a little small. And the fastest time of foldable iPhone release is 2020, let’s wait for it and learn some tips about it.

Transfer Old iPhone data to Foldable iPhone

You may also need to transfer your old iPhone data to your new foldable iPhone, here, we can still use traditional way to transfer them with iTunes and iCloud.

For iTunes:

1.connect your old iPhone with PC, and launching your iTunes.

2.go to Files--Summary, tap on “Backup Now” on the right page and confirm with “Backup”.

3.when finish backup go to Files--Summary again, you can see your backup files on the left side bar. connect your foldable iPhone with PC, and choose the backup files you need, tap on “Restore Backup”, and …

When block and unblock someone on iMessage, should we still connected on iMessages?

“Recently, I’m just wondering when i block someone on my iMessages, then i unblock him, could we still conncted on iMessages?”

Just image, when you block someone, then he calls you, could you still receive the phone call? The answer is no. But for iMessages, we should do some test.

Jessica: Both i and my sister are using an iPhone, this morning i blocked her, then she sent me some iMessages, and i unblocked her, still those messages come to me, and i checked them well.

Luke: i just blocked one of my former classmate one month ago, he was so annoying, because he is always complaining. Then i realised that, and i unblocked him. But i didn’t receive any messages from him now. Maybe he just didn’t send me any messages now.

Me: I blocked myself on my friend’s iPhone, then i send me some messages, and it shows messages are sent out, but she couldn’t receive it from her side.

From those examples, we can know if you don’t actually want to block someone, then don’t block them, otherwise, you …

View iPhone Reminders from Backups

“iPhone reminders help me save my bad memory, and i always take some reminders when there is something important. Now i want to view some of my iPhone reminders from backups, how could i do that?”

Usually we use reminders to help us keep record of our plans which is need to do, and it will reminder us when time is up. And in order to keep them safe, we’ll do some backups. Now here, we’ll show you some ways about how to view iPhone reminders from your backups.

As iTunes and iCloud doesn’t allow us to view iPhone data directly, so we’ll need to restore them firstly. Now when with the help of iRefone, we can view and extract iPhone data directly and selectively from our backups. Also it can help us recover our lost iPhone data even we didn’t do any backup.

Now you can download and install the free trial version to have a try.

View iPhone Reminders from iCloud Backup

Firstly, we’ll see how to view iPhone reminders from iCloud backup selectively, and if you need, you can also restore them w…

Tips about Using Reminders on iPhone

Reminders on iPhone can help us keep track of our tasks and things need to do, but how do you know about it? Here, we’ll show you some tips about using reminders on iPhone, read it and learn more.

Create Reminders on iPhone

Firstly, we’ll see how to create reminders on iPhone, then we’ll show you some tips about it.

1.Find and click Reminder app on your iPhone home screen.

2.Click “New List” to create a new reminders, and you’ll need to tap in the name and content for this reminder.

Also you can choose the color from this page.

3.When finish it, click “Done”, and your reminder will be saved.

Manage Reminders

When there are many reminders on your iPhone, and some of them have completed, what should we do?

How could we mark or delete them? See below article:

1.Open your Reminder app, and you can see your reminders list there.

2.Choose the one which has passed, tap check box on the left of your reminder to mark it as complete.

3.When you need to delete it, you can tap on “Edit” icon, then …

Recover Lost App Data on iPhone 8

“I haven’t done any backup of my iPhone 8, as i just use them for less than a month, now i lost some app data on it, how could i recovery lost app data on iPhone 8 ?”

Just like other iPhone we’re using, we may also lost some app data on new iPhone 8. and worse thing is that we didn’t do any backup. Now don’t worry, with the help of iRefone, we can get them back for you.

As iRefone is a professional iOS data recovery software, it can recover as well as backup more than 16 kinds of files, including contacts, notes, messages, photos, reminders, calendars, call history, WeChat messages ect. And it can help us recover them with three recovery mode, that is Recover from iOS Device, Recover from iTunes Backup and Recover from iCloud Backup.

Now you can download and install the free trial version to have a try.

Recover Lost App Data on iPhone 8

This method is suitable for the situation that you didn’t do any backup, see below steps.

Step 1. Run iRefone, connect your iPhone 8 with PC. Choose “R…

Transfer Notes from old iPhone to iPhone 8

“I have use my iPhone 8 for weeks, and i usually check my former notes from my old iPhone, which is so inconvenient. Is it possible for me to transfer notes from old iPhone to iPhone 8?”

Notes have helped us record lots of important plans, like meeting, date, business and other work, so when we update our iPhone with a new one, we may also want to transfer those notes from old iPhone to new iPhone. Now from this page, we’ll show you how to transfer notes from old iPhone to iPhone 8.

Screenshot Notes

When there are only several notes, you can screenshot them and send them to your iPhone 8. your old iPhone, and click Notes app on your home screen.

2.find the notes you need to transfer, and open it.

3.then press home button and power button together to screenshot it. you can find the screenshot on your photo album, and send it to your iPhone 8 through chat apps, like WeChat, Skype ect.

And you can repeat this process when you need to screenshot others.

Transfer Notes with iC…