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Recover Lost Thanksgiving Photos on iPhone

“After Thanksgiving day, i went to the city i work and want to show some Thanksgiving photos to my colleagues. But i couldn’t find some of them, what to do? How could i recover lost Thanksgiving photos on iPhone?”

Usually we can find our recent deleted photos from our “Recent Deleted” folders, if you have just lost some of your Thanksgiving photos on iPhone recently, you can have a try, it can help us store them for 30 days. But when we lost those photos with iPhone crash or app updating ect, we may couldn’t find them with this way. And we’d better get them from our backups.

Here we’ll introduce you iRefone, which is a powerful iOS data recovery software, it can help us recover as well as backup more than 16 kinds of files, including contacts, notes, mesages, photos, reminders, calendars, WeChat messages ect. Also it can help us recover them with three recovery mode selectively, that is Recover from iOS Device, Recover from iTunes Backup and Recover from iCloud Backup.

Now you can dow…

[Fixed]Enable Cookies on your iPhone iPad

How could we enable cookies on our iPhone iPad?

By default, the browser on our iPhone iPad is set with accepting cookies, so we don’t need to change anything. But sometimes when there is something wrong, it may ask us to enable cookies on our iPhone iPad, what to do? How could we enable cookies on iPhone iPad? Now see below steps and have a try.

Enable Cookies on iPhone iPad

Now follow below steps and enable cookies on your iPhone iPad.

For Safari:

1.Now open iPhone iPad, go to Setting--Safari.

2.Then find the option “Block All Cookies”, and turn it off. And your cookies on iPhone iPad will be enabled.

Enable Cookies on Chrome for Android Phone

When you are using Chrome on an Android phone, you can follow below steps and enable cookies on it.

1.Now open Chrome on your Android phone, go to More menu, which is on top right corner,

2.Then click Setting--Site Setting--Cookies, and turn it on.

Now you can try your browser to check if it works well now.

Remark: when you lost some of your Saf…

Sync Photos between iOS Device

“Is it possible for me to view my iPad photos on my iPhone? How could i sync my photos between iOS devices?”

When we have more than one iOS device, we may have the needs of syncing photos between our iOS devices. Then we can check our photos on different devices, and we don’t need to bring all of them. Now we’ll learn some methods together about how to sync photos between iOS device.

Sync Photos via iCloud Photo Library

Firstly, we’ll see how to use iCloud Photo Library to help us sync photos via iCloud photos library, and before doing it, we should make sure the storeage of our iCloud is enough. your iPhone or iPad, go to Setting--Photos & Camera, then turn on “iCloud Photo Library” button on the new page, and also enable “Upload to My Photo Stream”.

2.Then repeat this process on your other iOS device, like iPad, Mac and iPod, and enable iCloud Photo Library.

3.Now when your iPhone iPad and Mac is connected with Wifi, your photos from those devices will be upload to iCloud …

How to Share iPhone Notes

“As a notes lover, how could i share my iPhone notes?”

“I usually take detailed information of my work on notes, now there are some notes i want to share with my colleague and ask him to help me with edit, how could i share those iPhone notes?”

Now when you also have this needs, you can check below page information, and we’ll show you some tips about how to share notes on iPhone. And there are several ways can help us share notes, see below page and learn more.

Invite people to Edit notes

When we need to invite someone to edit our notes, you can choose two ways to edit it, one is via email, another one is via copy link.

1.Now open notes app on your iPhone, and find the note you need to share.

2.then click “Add People” button in the toolbar, and choose the way you need to share, like email and copy link.

When you choose email to share your notes, you can add their email address to invite the one you need them to edit notes. And click “Send”.

When you choose copy link for share your note…

Fix iPhone Hissing Sound Issue

“What happened? There is always some hissing sound with my old iPhone 6. How can i fix iPhone hissing sound issue?”

As there are more people reporting about iPhone hissing sound issue, we do some examinations about it, and come up with some solutions about it. Now read this page, and we will show you some tips about how to solve iPhone hissing sound problem.

Force Restart iPhone

When there is something wrong with our iPhone, the first action we will do is restart your iPhone to have a try. It can help us solve some hardware issue and software issue.

Now press your power button which is on right side, and hold on until it shows up option “Slide to close phone” on your screen, then slide it to close your iPhone.

Wait for a minute, then press your power button and home button together and hold on, then it will show up Apple logo on your screen. Wait for a moment, then your iPhone will be open.

Then try again of your iPhone still has hissing sound issue.

Reset All Settings of iPhone

Also w…

View Halloween Videos from iTunes and iCloud

“Every year after Halloween, I will backup those videos on my iTunes or iCloud to keep them safe. Now i want to check those video, how could i vide Halloween videos from iTunes and iCloud?”

Usually when we have done backups on iTunes and iCloud, we can restore our backup files from them, so it won’t allow us to view them directly and selectively from our backups. But with the help of third-party software iRefone, things will be much easier.

iRefone is a professional iOS data recovery software, it can recover as well as backup more than 16 kinds of files, like contacts, notes, messages, photos, reminders, calendars, call history, WeChat messages ect. Also it can help us recover them with three recovery mode, that is Recover from iOS Device, Recover from iTunes Backup and Recover from iCloud Backup. And it allows us to preview them before restoring.

Now you can download and install the free trial version to have a try.

View Halloween Videos from iTunes

Now we’ll see how to view Halloween…

Real Foldable Phones Released by ZTE Corporation

Those days, our eyes are attracted by foldable phone Axon M, which is released by ZTE corporation. Now in this article, we’ll talk something about foldable phone Axon M.

ZTE foldable phone is with the future design of smartphone, many phone company are trying to achieve it, like Apple, Samsung ect. So why foldable phone is so attractive?

Now smartphone have experienced a lot, right now, full screen smartphones are sold on market and loved by many people. And also as said, Apple and Samsung are trying to to develop foldable, then we pay our attention to their foldable phone design. Now suddenly ZTE released foldable phone Axon M, it really shock us. Now we’ll see some detailed information about it.


Why we call Axon M foldable phone? Firstly we can talk about it from its appearance.

From its picture, we can see there are two screen connected with each other, then it looks like a pad. But also we can fold it into one phone to pocket it like a normal phone.

So it’s really good f…

Save Photos from iPod Touch to PC

“You see, I usually delete some photos from our iPhone as well as my iPod Touch, becaue i want to keep my iPhone and iPod clean. But when i need to check some old photos, i couldn’t find them, so i want to save my photos from iPad Touch to my PC. Anyone can help me with it?”

There are always some iPod Touch lover, because of it’s big storage and long battery use, many people may choose it to record special moment of their lives with taking some photos. And our job is to help you keep your photos on iPod Touch safe, now follow below page and save your photos from iPod Touch to PC.

Copy Them to PC with USB Cable

It’s a traditional way, but it’s also a easier way for most people.

1.Connect your iPod Touch with PC, when it’s recognized, find Photo folder on your iPod Touch.

2.Then Copy those photos you need to save, and paste them to your PC folder address.

Backup iPod Touch Photos on iTunes

iTunes can not only help us backup photos, but also can help us backup other iOS data, like contacts…

Fix iOS 11 Drain iPhone Battery Quickly Issue

“When Apple released iOS 11, some people feedback that it drain iPhone battery quickly, and i don’t pay attention to it. Now after updating to iOS 11, it really drain my iPhone battery quicker. How could i fix iOS 11 drain iPhone battery quickly issue?”

It may be the iOS 11 bug that it drain our iPhone battery quickly, so we will have to charge our iPhone more frequently. Then some people may think about downgrade it to iOS 10, while some other people may find ways to fix iOS 11 drain iPhone battery quickly issue. Now from this article, we’ll show you how to solve iOS 11 drain iPhone battery quickly issue.

Update Apps on iPhone

Firstly you can check if there is some apps need to be updated, then update them, otherwise it will consume more battery power.

Go to Setting--General--Software Update, then tap on update when there is app need to be updated.

Check Battery Usage

Also before solving iPhone battery drain quickly issue, you can check which app is taking more battery power, then do s…