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Ways to Take Screenshot on iPhone X

“Finally, i get my iPhone X, now i want to use it to take some screenshots of my chat historys and send them to my friends. Anyone can show me how to screenshot iPhone X?”

iPhone X is with full screen design, and there is no home button on it, what if we want to take some screenshots with it? Now you’re in the right page, and here we’ll focus on show you how to take screenshots on iPhone X.

Take Screenshots with Assistive Touch

Firstly, we can use assistive touch on iPhone X to help us take some screenshots on it, see below steps.

1.Unlock your iPhone X, go to Setting--General--Accessibility.

2.Then scroll down to find option “Accessibility Shortcut”, and select “Assistive Touch” when it shows new options.

3.Now go to Assistive Touch page in main “Accessibility” setting menu, then you can choose the method to take screenshot on iPhone X. Like change “Single-Tap” to say “Screenshot”, and change “Double-Tap” to “Open Menu”.

4.Now after set it, you can take screenshots with triple-click y…

Apple May discontinue iPhone X in middle of 2018

“It’s really surprised me that it says Apple may discontinue iPhone X in middle of 2018, as this kind of things never happened before.”

Why Apple’s anniversary edition iPhone X will reach its end of life as early as this year itself? The main reason is that the sales remains below expectations, and Apple doesn’t want to lower its price, so they’d rather to discontinue it, and develop some new models.

On the other hand, Apple believe when they offer iPhone X at a discount this year, it may eat next year’s upcoming iPhone. And the new models will also be with full screen like iPhone X does, two of them will be with OLED screen, and another model will be with LCD screen.

So if you’re planning to buy an iPhone X, you can make it on your schedule now.

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Recover iPhone App Data after Uninstalling App

What to do when you uninstalled apps on your iPhone, and you want check those app data? How do you recover iPhone app data after uninstalling app? Now you can find some solutions here.

We all know we’ll lost our app data after deleting our apps on iPhone, so most of us will do some backup before uninstalling our apps. But what if we uninstalling some apps by mistake, or they just be deleted accidentally? How could we recover those app data? Luckily, there are still some ways can help us get back our iPhone app data, see below methods and have a try.

Recover iPhone App Data from iTunes Backup

Firstly, we’ll see how to recover your app data from iTunes backup if you have done some backups before uninstalling your apps.

1.Launch iTunes, connect your iPhone with PC.

2.When it’s recognized, tap on “Restore Backup” on the right page, and choose the backup files you need, and confirm with “Restore”.

Recover iPhone App Data from iCloud Backup

Now we’ll see how to restore iPhone app data from iC…

No Text Sound on iPhone X, How to Fix it?

“I missed several messages this morning, as i didn’t hear any text sound. It seems that there is no text sound on my iPhone X, how do fix no text sound issue on iPhone X?”

Also some other people feedback that when they’re typing, there is no sound. And there are maybe couple of reasons, here we’ll detail you the main one and show you how to fix no text sound problem on iPhone X.

Restart iPhone

First of all, we can restart our iPhone X to have a try.

1.Press volume up button and quick release it, then press volume down button and quick release it.

2.Then press power button and hold on until Apple logo show up on the screen.

Now wait for a second, and your iPhone X will be restart, then check if there is text sound on your iPhone X.

Check Mute Switch on iPhone X

How do you mute your iPhone? We can reduce the volume of our iPhone, or we can simply turn on mute switch on our iPhone.

Now check the button above your volume up button, and it’s our mute button. If it’s on, turn it off. Then che…

Factory Reset iPhone with iTunes

Why we need to do factory reset our iPhone? How do we factory reset iPhone with iTunes?

When there is some hardware issue or software issue with our iPhone, and we need to fix them, we can factory reset our iPhone to have a try. Also it will erase our iPhone data, so some people also use it to erase their iPhone data before selling it. When you want to know how to do it, now it’s your time to read this page and learn more.

Factory Reset iPhone with iTunes

Now we’ll see how to factory reset iPhone with iTunes, see below steps.

1.Launch iTunes, connect your iPhone with PC.

2.Then go to Files--Summary, and tap on “Restore Backup” button at the right page.

3.When it pop up with message that if you’re ready to restore your iPhone, just confirm with “Restore”.

4.Now iTunes will help us download, prepare and restore software on our iPhone, when finish it, it will ask us if we need to restore from backup. Adn we can choose “Set up as a new phone”.

5.Then we can input our iPhone name when fini…

View Christmas Photos from Backups

“I really enjoyed our Christmas day, and i take some photos of it. In order to keep them safe, we did some backups. Now i want to check those Christmas photos. How could i view Christmas photos from my backups?”

Now from this article, we’ll show you some 3 methods about how to view Christmas photos from backups. When you need, please follow below page.

Method 1. View Christmas Photos from Backups with Restoring

Usually when we have done some backups on iTunes and iCloud, we can restore our lost data from it, even we couldn’t do it selectively and view them before restoring.

For iTunes:

1.Launch your iTunes, connect your iPhone with PC.

2.When it’s recognized, click iPhone image icon, go to Files--Summary, then you can see all your backup files on the left side bar.

3.Choose the backup files you need, tap on “Restore Backup” on the right page, and confirm with “Restore”.

For iCloud:

1.Connect your iPhone with Wifi, log in your iCloud with Apple ID and password.

2.Then go to Setting--Gen…

Restore iPhone from Backups

“How could we restore iPhone from backups?”

With the development of technology, we rely more on smartphone to connect with people. And some imporant data are always sent and received through our smartphones, like iPhone, so in order to keep them safe, we’ll do some backups. Once we lost some of those data from our iPhone iPad, we will need to restore them from our backups. And here we’ll show you three ways to restore iPhone from backups, see below steps.

Restore iPhone from Entirely Backup

When we have done backup on our iTunes and iCloud backup, and we need to restore them, we can use traditional way. But it doesn’t support us to do it selectively. See below steps.

For iCloud:

1.Connect your iPhone with Wifi, log in iCloud with your Apple ID and password.

2.When log in, go to Setting--General--Erase All Content and Settings, when all content and settings are erased, go to set up assistant with a hello screen.

3.Swipe to begin the set up progress, choose backup files you need, tap on…