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How to Activate iMessage Account

“As iMessages are free to send with Wifi, i also want to use iMessages on my iPhone. But how to activate iMessages account?”

Maybe you haven’t activate your iMessages, or maybe when you’re using it, it just pop up message with “Waiting for Activation”. no matter what matter it is, we’ll show you some tips about how to activate your iMessage account on your iPhone here. Read it and learn some ways about it.

Activate iMessage Account on iPhone

Now we’ll see how to do it. your iPhone, go to Setting--Messages.

2.Then you can see “iMessage” option, now turn it on to enable your iMessage.

3.And it may auto prompt you to input the username and password, then it detect the information, your iMessage account will be activated.

4.also you’ll need to click “Send & Receive” button, and tap on the email or phone number to enable.

Activate iMessage Account on Mac

Also if you want to activate iMessage account on Mac, you can follow below steps and have a try. open your mac, and open …

Recover Lost App Data on iPod Touch

iPod Touch has its own special feature that has large storage space, it can help us store many music, photos and also it support us to use many apps as iPhone does. So still there are many iPod Touch lover, but how to recover lost app data on iPod touch?

Except make phone calls as we do on iPhone directly, we can use it do almost everything as we do with our iPhone. And here, we’ll see how to recover lost app data on iPod touch.

Now we’ll introduce you a third-party iOS data recovery software iRefone, it can help us recover data from iPhone, iPad and iPod, including latest version iPhone 8 and iPhone X. also it can help us recover them with three recovery mode, that is Recover from iOS Device, Recover from iTunes Backup and Recover from iCloud Backup.

Now download and install the free trial version to have a try.

Recover Lost App Data from iPod Touch Directly

When we have no backups, iRefone can help us recover our lost app data from our iOS device directly and selectively, see below s…

Why iPhone Alarm is So Quiet

“My iPhone alarm is so quite that i couldn’t hear it when there is phone call, or text messages coming in, and it seems there is no alarm clock. Why iPhone alarm is so quiet?”

iPhone alarm on iOS device use ringer volume, so we can adjust it by pressing physical volume buttons on your iPhone, and it can be tested by “Edit” on alarm screen. But why my iPhone alarm is so quiet?

Volume is for apps which are on screen.Like games, videos, etc.
Ringer or Sound effects is for background notifications, phone calls, alerts, wake up ringers, etc. So when knowing this, we can know why iPhone alarm is quiet. Now we’ll see how to set your iPhone alarm as you need.

Adjust Alarm Volume with Ringer

You can raise the voice of your alarm by adjusting the ringer on your iPhone.

Go to Setting--Sounds, then find the option “Ringer & Alerts”, swipe it to right slider to raise the volume.

Set Alarm Clock on iPhone

When iPhone serve as alarm clock, we can also set the ringtone to do wake up. click “…

Get Back Lost App Data due to Updating iOS 11

“Last two days, iOS 11 is released, and i read some new features of iOS 11, so i update my iPhone with it immediately. Now i couldn’t find some of my App data, how could i get back lost app data due to updating iOS 11?”

Now it’s quite easy when you come to iRefone for help, which is a professional iOS data recovery software. It can help us recover as well as backup more than 16 kinds of files, including contacts, notes, messages, photos, reminders, calendars, WeChat messages ect. And it can help us recover them with three recovery mode, that is Recover from iOS Device, Recover from iTunes Backup and Recover from iCloud Backup.

Now you can download and install the free trial version to have a try.

Get Backup Lost App Data from iPhone

Step 1. Run iRefone, connect your iPhone with PC. Choose “Recover from iOS Device”, click “Start”.

Step 2. Then we’ll enter the new interface with many data icon and media icon that iRefone can recover, click “WeChat Message” icon for example, and it will b…

How to Activate iPhone 8

“I just received my new iPhone this morning, how could i activate my iPhone 8?”

iPhone is released a week ago with new feature wireless charging and some other new feature, which is very popular now, and many people are thinking about getting one. But do you know how to activate your iPhone 8 when you get it? Now see below steps and activate your iPhone 8.

Please note that you need to backup your old iPhone data before activate your iPhone 8, if you don’t know how to do it, please refer to second part and later.

Activate iPhone 8

Now we’ll see how to activate your iPhone 8, see below steps. and hold on power button on your iPhone 8 for a while to open it, when you see “Slide to set up” on your home screen, slide it to do set up.

2.then it will need you to choose language, country and region ect, choose the correct one. connect your iPhone 8 with cellular network or Wifi, and you can disable or enable the location service.

4.Then you can set up your Touch ID with fingerpri…

Backup WeChat data before buying new iPhone

“Now iPhone 8 has been released, and iPhone X is too expensive for me. So I’m planning to buy an iPhone 8, but i want to backup my WeChat data before buying new iPhone, in case i need them in future.”

Don’t worry, most of us will change our iPhone with new one, or we’ll need to pass our old iPhone to our friends or family, then we’ll need to backup some iPhone data, and erase them from our iPhone. From this article, we’ll show you how to backup WeChat data before buying new iPhone for example, read it and learn something.

Backup WeChat Data on iTunes

iTunes is always the best free choice for us to backup our iPhone iPad data, now we can use it to backup our WeChat data.

1.Launching iTunes, connect your old iPhone with PC. If you have done backup before, it will begin syncing automatically. Or you can click Files--Summary, tap on “Backup Now” on the right page, and confirm with “Backup”.

2.when finish syncing, you can check them from below folder address:

For Windows: C:\Users\username\…

Transfer Old iPhone Data to iPhone 8

If you plan to get an iPhone 8 or you have already had one, now read this article and learn how to transfer your old iPhone data to iPhone 8.

Every time when you changed our phone or iPhone, we may have the issue of tranferring data from old phone to new phone, so does iPhone. But fortunately, if you’re changing with iPhone, there will be several ways for us to transfer those old iPhone data to new iPhone, like iPhone 8, which is recently released. See below steps.

Transfer Old App Data with USB Cable

For photos, including WeChat photos, WhatsApp photos, message pictures ect, we can copy them to iPhone 8 by using USB cable and connect those two iPhone with PC.

1.Save all those photos on your photo album, then connect your old iPhone with PC.

2.Then connect your new iPhone 8 with PC, when both of them are detected, copy the photos from old iPhone, and paste them to iPhone 8.

Tips: this method only can help us transfer photos, for other app data, we’ll need to find some other ways.


What is iPhone X

“I wait for a night on Apple’s 10th anniversary and expecting the publish of iPhone, then it comes out iPhone X, which is out of my imagination. What is iPhone X?”

It’s said iPhone X is a new super flagship phone right now, and it’s with edge to edge screen, which makes our screen look more bigger. Although Apple didn’t hold back features on iPhone X, but the price is still noticed, it’s about $999, which is almost 1000USD. So to most people, it’s still expensive, now let’s see some features of iPhone X, then decide if we should buy one or not.

Main Feature of iPhone X

As iPhone X has not been released right now, so we’ll need to know some features from its official pictures.

1.No Touch ID:

When you hold an iPhone X on your hand, or you can see it from pictures that there is no Touch ID on iPhone X.

Since a long time, Touch is a mark of iPhone, and it was the feature i saw it’s different with our phone. Now how could we manage our iPhone data without Touch ID?

Don’t worry, there will b…

Force Quit Apps on Mac

“When i was browsing some websites or playing some apps on my Mac, it always get stuck. How could i force quit apps on Mac?”

To quick end your running apps on Mac, or force quit your stucked apps on Mac, you can follow below ways and have a try.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can help us quick end actions of apps, so we can use it to force quit apps on Mac.

1.Now press Command+Option+Escape together on your Mac keyboard.

2.Then we’ll enter the new page named “Force Quit Application”, and we can choose the app the quit it.

3.Choose the app you need to force quit, and tap on “Force Quit”.

Use Keyboard to Force Quit Apps

Also we can use keyboard to force quit our stucked apps, which is active on our Mac. Command+Option+Shift+Escape.

2.then the active app will be closed.

Force Quit Mac Apps from the Dock

We can also bring out “Force Quit” option directly from our screen.

Now click option button on keyboard, and at the same time, right click the app icon on the dock, and t…