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Transfer iCloud Photos to External Mac Driver

When our iCloud storage is full, and we don’t want to delete our iCloud backup files, we may need to restore them from iCloud to other devices. Now from this article we’ll show you how to transfer iCloud photos to external Mac driver.

And here, we can learn two ways about how to transfer photos from iCloud to external Mac driver, see below steps.

Download iCloud Photos to External Mac Driver

By doing this way, we’ll need to download photos from iCloud manually, so when there are hundreds of photos, it will be a little time wasting.

1.Now open browser on your Mac, and navigated to, and log in it with your Apple ID and password.

2.When log in, we can see all your backup files on iCloud, find photo image icon and click it.

3.Then we’ll enter the new page with all our photos, find the one we need and click it to open it.

4.Now click iCloud image icon at the right top corner and download it.

Then this iCloud photo will be downloaded on our Mac, and we can repeat this process to…

Ways to Restart iPhone X

There is no Touch ID on iPhone X, and it’s with full screen, so it looks so different. How could we restart iPhone X?

It’s a common issue, now we’ll learn how to some ways to restart iPhone X, then we can use it more sufficiently.

Restart iPhone X

Now follow below steps and restart your iPhone X.

1.Now unlock your iPhone X with your Face ID.

2.Then press button button and volume up/down button tegether and hold on for about 10 seconds, and it will show up option “Slide to Power off” on our screen.

3.And slide to close our iPhone X will be ok.

4.Then press power button and hold on until Apple logo show up on our screen, and our iPhone X will be restarted.

Restart iPhone X with Settings

Also we can restart iPhone X from Settings, see below steps.

1.Unlock your iPhone X, and go to Setting--General.

2.Then scroll down to find the option “Shut Down”, and when your iPhone X is closed, press power button and hold on for a while, when you see it shows Apple logo on your screen, then your iPhone…

View Missed Call History on iPhone X

“My work environment is so quite, so i won’t pick up some phone calls from strangers unless we’re conncted with each other. Then i will check them later after work. But sometimes i will forget those kind of things, when i check it, i couldn’t find those missed calls. How could i view those missed call history on my iPhone X?”

“It’s so strange, all my call history are missing. There are still some calls with phone number that i haven’t saved. Now i need to view my call history, what should i do?”

Don’t worry, here we’ll introduce you a third-party iOS data recovery software iRefone, which can help us recover more than 16 kinds of files even we have no backups, and it supports us to do it selectively. And when we have some backups, it can also help us extract them from iTunes and iCloud backup selectively, and it allows us to preview them before restoring.

Now you can download and install the free trial version to have a try.

View Missed Call History on iPhone X Selectively

Now we’ll see…

Why iPhone X has Two Battery Inside

It says iPhone X has two battery inside, which is so different with other iPhone. But why?

We’re just surprised that iPhone X has two battery, and we watch it from is iPhone X teardown videos, and it does have two battery, the two battery are aligned in an L-shaped layout. Now it shows the main differece of iPhone X and other iPhone, and there are other differences between iPhone X and former iPhone. Now we will see more information about it.


As we have noticed that iPhone X has two battery, because it want to have a battery capacity of 2716 mah. While other iPhone has only one battery with smaller battery capacity.


iPhone X is full screen with edge-to-edge display, so it’s more hard to repair when it’s broken.

Other iPhone is with its normal screen, and there is Touch ID on it.

Also iPhone X is with glass back, which can help with wireless charging.

Wireless Charging

iPhone X supports wireless charging, and iPhone 8 /8 plus also supports it. At the same time, it sti…